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We are replacing the CBAP and CCBA certification classes



Red Rock is discontinuing our CBAP/CCBA program in favor of the new new PMI-PBA Professional in Business Analysis certification.  We feel it provides more value to the industry for the following reasons:

1. The registration process is strait forward and fair.
2. The PMI-PBA framework is more comprehensible and practical.
3. The PMI-PBA compliments the PMBOK® Guide, allowing Business Analysts to work side-by-side with Project Management Professionals (PMP's) without confusing responsabilities.
4. For professionals wanting to be a part of a professional organization who also have existing PMI certifications, they need only belong to PMI, and won't need to pay membership fees to two organizations.  

For a listing of our PMI-PBA clases in Salt Lake City please click this link.

Common Questions about the CBAP Exam Prep Course in Salt Lake City, UT

What can you tell me about the CBAP Exam?

The CBAP Exam spans 3.5 hours and has 150 multiple-choice questions with four possible answer for each questions.  This gives you about 1.4 minutes per questions.   

How is the CBAP Exam different from the CCBA Exam?

The CBAP and CCBA exams are based on Bloom's Taxonomy.  The CBAP exam is based on the higher levels of the taxonomy (Creating, Evaluating, Analyzing) whereas the CCBA is based on the lower levels of the taxonomy (Remember, Understand, Applying). 

This means the CBAP exam is based more on situational questions whereas the CCBA is based more on remembering lists and groupings, and inputs/outputs.

How many questions are on the CBAP Exam?

The CBAP Exam has 150 multiple-choice questions.

How much time do I have to complete the CBAP Exam?

You have 3.5 hours to complete the CBAP Exam.  This translates into 1.4 minutes per question.

How many times can I take the CBAP Exam?

PMI allows you two attempts to pass the CBAP exam per year.  If you fail the first attempt you must wait 3 months.

Where in the Salt Lake City area can I take the CBAP Exam?

The CBAP exam is taken at a Castle Worldwide testing center.  You can locate a Castle Worldwide testing center in your area from their   website.

Testing centers are typically associated with schools in the area and as such are open or closed in conjunction with their school calendar. 

Should I become a member of IIBA?

Membership in IIBA has many benefits.  Membership presently costs $95.00/year.  The most immediate benefit for becoming a member of IIBA is the cost of membership plus taking the CBAP exam is slightly less than the cost of the test alone for non-members.  Red Rock recommends you become a member of IIBA.

Where do I start my application for membership in the IIBA?

Apply for membership in the IIBA  here

Where do I start my application for become a CBAP?

Apply for you CBAP application directly on IIBA's website here.

How much does the CBAP Exam cost?

The CBAP Exam presently costs a non-refundable $125 to submit your application.  Once your application is approved the cost for taking the exam is $325 for members, and $450 for non-members.

How much does membership in IIBA cost?

Membership in IIBA costs $95/year.  This membership includes a free online copy of the BABOK 2.0.

Should I start my CBAP application before coming to class?

Preferably, you should start your CBAP application and finish it before class begins.  This is because the IIBA can take FROM 15 to 30 days to respond to your application.  If you wait until class starts you will be pushing back the soonest you can take the tests by at least this time.  This being said, people sometimes do show up on day 1 without starting their application.

How can I show people I have passed the CBAP? Is there an official CBAP registry?

Yes.  IIBA maintains a public list of CBAP credential holders.  You can find it  here.

Which version of the PMBOK® Guide is the course based on?

The course is based on the latest version of the BABOK, version 2.0.

What score is needed to pass the CBAP Exam?

IIBA has not released the cut score for passing the test. 

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