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Software Project Templates - $39.99

Our Premium Software Development Template Suite Includes ...

Our Premium Documentation Suite includes all of the templates you need to be effective documenting all of your next software development projects. Our templates are available in .doc and .docx format. Purchase your set today and immediately improve your daily effectiveness. Our set includes:

Template Guide:

Our 1 page .pdf details how to create the proper documentation structure for your projects.
Project Request Document Template (PRD) 

Our 3 page Project Request Document (PRD) Template is used to formalize an idea and present it to an IT-Project Steering Committee.  If the committee approves the idea the next step is to draft a High Level Estimate (HLE). 
High Level Estimate Template (HLE)

Our 6 page High Level Estimate (HLE) document allows an organization to capture a development idea and perform a minimal quick, high-level analysis and design to produce a schedule and budget forecast (High-risk, or Order of Magnitude estimate) for schedule and costs. This document should be accompanied by the project charter (PCH). For an Agile project, this is likely the only initial documentation needed. For a plan-based project, this document precedes a Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document. 
Project Charter Template (PCH)

Our 4 page Project Charter (PCH) is created after Project Request Document (PRD) and High Level Estimate (HLE) has been created. The Project Charter identifies the project stakeholders, objectives, outputs, desired completion date, and the initial approval to proceed.
Project Plan Template (PLN)

Our 6 page Project Plan template contains the plan for how the project will be executed, and what criteria must be met for the project to be successful. For some organizations the administrative elements in this document are the same for all projects performed. In others, the administrative elements vary and should be recorded here.
Software Requirements Specification Template (SRS)

Our 10 page Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document is the document describing explicit features of each deliverable needed to fulfill the objectives of the solution.

This document is created after the Project Plan (PLN) is created. This document represents the ‘Plan-based” alternative to Agile development practices, and typically would not be used in an Agile environment. The document is also available for free download on our Free Stuff page
Software Design Description Template (SDD)

Our 4 page Software Design Description (SDD) document is the technical document containing design and architecture information for the technical design, creation, and maintenance of a technical solution to be implemented. Typically, this document is created after the HLE and SRS documents, and is populated with elements from them.
If used with an Agile project, this document should be completed as needed during the project lifecycle and should be updated at the end of the project. As software is “released” this document should be updated as needed to lower the learning curve for new team-members, help desk, or system-support personnel.
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