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Seminars • PfMP® Exam Prep • Shreveport, LA

PfMP® Exam Prep • Shreveport, LA

Attend a PfMP® Exam Prep course in the SHREVEPORT area:

Register    May 26-27 Sandy, UT $1995   
Live Virtual Class (Sandy, UT Timezone 9-5pm)
Register    Jun 10-11 Shreveport, LA $1995   
Live Virtual Class (Shreveport, LA Timezone 9-5pm)
Register    Jul 8-9 Shreveport, LA $1995   
Live Virtual Class (Shreveport, LA Timezone 9-5pm)
Register    Aug 12-13 Shreveport, LA $1995   
Live Virtual Class (Shreveport, LA Timezone 9-5pm)
Add OnSite PMP Exam Prep Course Request an on-site course, or a course in your city.
 Please note that empty course dates may shift based on demand. 
 Our course materials fulfill all of the training hours required by PMI. 
 Our course also counts toward 12 PMI PDU's. 
 PMI Reporting Instructions

PfMP® - Portfolio Management Professional

Our 2 day PfMP® exam prep course prepares you to easily
pass the 170 question, 4 hour PfMP® certification exam.

Our instructor-led, in-person, classroom
environment, combined with our on-line
PfMP® simulation test, work together
providing you the knowledge
and focus needed to pass the
PfMP® test and earn your Portfolio
Management Professional

We are thrilled to be one of the first
providers to offer a study course for
this exciting new credential. Take
your career and organization to the
next level by learning the skills and
best practices associated with this

In addition to study aids and
the on-line test simulation
account, all of our participants
will receive their own copy of
the Standard for Portfolio Management
and a copy of Governance of
Portfolios, Programs, and Projects:
a Practice Guide
Attend our two day class,,
take your PfMP® exam and
become certified!
"Comprehensive test preparation - wouldn't have done without it."

    -Paula Thornock, Business Systems Analysis

Optional Money-back Guarantee

HyperLink Purchase our guarantee and get a refund if you don't pass the PfMP exam.  
Read more about our
Money-back Pass Guarantee.

Pass Assurance

Red Rock Research is thrilled to offer our attendees Pass-Assurance Technology.  This technology--exclusively developed by Red Rock Research--shows you when you are finished studying and are ready to take the test.   

Course Guide

Download our course brochure containing descriptions of our seminar offerings.

PfMP® Exam Prep Course Overvieww


Our course contains the following program:

Part I - PfMP® Exam Prep Overview

  • Introduction
  • Red Rock Research Exam Guarantee Overview
  • Test Taking Strategies
  • History of the Project Management Institute®
  • PMI® Certifications
  • PfMP® Test Overview
  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Corporate Governance

Part II - The Portfolio Lifecycle

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Optimization
  • Monitoring & Controlling

Part III - Portfolio Strategic Management

  • Portfolio Strategic Objectives
  • Strategic Risk Appetite
  • Portfolio Charter
  • Potfolio Roadmap
  • Portfolio Optimization

Part IV - Portfolio Governance

  • The Concept of Governance
  • Portfolio Governance Design Factors
  • Portfolio Governance Roles

Part V - Portfolio Capacity and Capability Management

  • Capacity Management
  • Capability Management
  • Capacity Planning
  • Supply and Demand Management
  • Supply and Demand Optimization
  • Organizational Capabilities
  • Capability Assessment
  • Capability Development
  • Perforamnce Reporting & Analytics
  • Balancing Capacity and Capability

Part VI - Portfolio Stakeholder Engagement

  • Definition and Identification of Portfolio Stakeholders
  • Analysis of Portfolio Stakeholders
  • Stakeholder Engagement Planning
  • Portfolio Communication Management Approaches

Part VII - Portfolio Value Management

  • What is Value Management?
  • Components of Value Management?
  • Negotiating Expected Value?
  • Maximizing Value
  • Assuring Value
  • Realizing Value
  • Measuring Value
  • Reporting Value

Part VIII - Portfolio Risk Management

  • Portfolio Risk Management
  • Key Planning Elements
  • Portfolio Risk Management Framework
  • Portfolio Risk Management Plan


Different and Better

We know your have a choice.  Our goal is to be the most preferred PfMP® Exam Prep vendor in your area.  Our program is different and better than others you will find.  Here is why:
  1. Our instructors are friendly, educated, and have real-world project management experience.
  2. Our course fulfills all of the contact hours required by PMI for the PfMP certification. 
  3. We have the best guarantee  in the industry.  We guarantee you will pass the PfMP® exam on the first try.  If you can't after two more attempts that we pay for, we'll give you the rest of your money back. 
  4. After you attend our course once, you are welcome to sit in on our PfMP® course at any future time throughout your career. 

PfMP® Exam Prep Activities

Our PfMP® exam prep course contains specialized memory-training exercises novel to Red Rock Research.

Attendees will engage in memory-training exercises that enhance the ability of the attendee to remember facts and formulas.

Attendees will also have access to our on-line test simulator, containing sample test questions similar to the PfMP® Certification exam.   

Common Questions about our PfMP® Exam Prep Course in Shreveport, LA

Why take the PfMP® Exam Prep course from Red Rock Research?

Please see our sidebar above titled 'Different and Better'.

Am I guaranteed to pass the PfMP® Exam?

Red Rock Research offers an optional first-time passing guarantee for the PfMP® exam.  This means we guarantee you will pass the test on your first try.  The PfMP is a difficult test and we take our guarantee seriously.  If you don't pass the test on the first try we will pay for your second attempt.  If you don't pass on your second attempt, we will pay for your third attempt.  If you don't pass the PfMP® on the third try, PMI requires you to wait an entire calendar year before your next attempt, and Red Rock will refined you the cost of the course minus the test we have paid for already.  Check our guarantee against others and be sure they give you all of your money back, like we do.  We have noted that many other providers keep a 'processing fee' when issuing refunds.

What can you tell me about the PfMP® Exam?

The PfMP® Exam spans 4 hours and has 170 multiple-choice questions with four possible answer for each questions.  This gives you about 1.4 minutes per questions.   

How many questions are on the PfMP® Exam?

The PfMP® Exam has 170 multiple-choice questions.

How much time do I have to complete the PfMP® Exam?

You have 4 hours to complete the PfMP® Exam.  This translates into 1.4 minutes per question.

How many times can I take the PfMP® Exam?

PMI allows you three attempts to pass the PfMP® exam per year.  If you fail the third attempt you must wait 1 year.

Where in the SHREVEPORT area can I take the PfMP® Exam?

The PfMP® exam is taken at a PearsonVue testing center.  You can locate a PearsonVue testing center in your area from their website.

Testing centers are typically associated with schools in the area and as such are open or closed in conjunction with their school calendar. 

Should I become a member of PMI?

Membership in PMI has many benefits.  Membership presently costs $129.00/year.  The most immediate benefit for becoming a member of PMI is the cost of membership plus taking the PfMP® exam is $200 less than the cost of the test alone for non-members.  Red Rock recommends you become a member of PMI.

Where do I start my application for membership in the PMI?

If you are taking a PMI course through Red Rock, we recommend you pay for your membership and test when you sign up for your class.  The, to save you time, don't complete the membership application.  When you complete your test application we can have PMI generate a membership record from your test application when your test fees are paid to PMI.

However, if you choose to register as a member you can apply for you membership in the PMI  here

Where do I start my application for become a PfMP?

You can apply for your PfMP® application directly on PMI's website here.

How much does the PfMP® Exam cost?

The PfMP® Exam presently costs $800 for PMI members and $1000 for non-PMI members. 

How much does membership in PMI cost?

Membership in PMI costs $139 for the first year, and then $129 therafter.  This membership includes a free online copy of the PMBOK.

Should I start my PfMP® application before coming to class?

You can, but most people don't start it until after class is over.

How can I show people I have passed the PfMP? Is there an official PfMP® registry?

Yes.  PMI maintains a public list of PfMP® credential holders.  You can find it  here.

What score is needed to pass the PfMP® Exam?

PMI has not released the cut score for passing the test. 

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